An update from Richmond Care Home 29.07.20

Guidance on visits to care homes

On 22nd July 2020, the Government published guidance on visits to care homes.

Further to this announcement, we are required to follow the guidance and put in place our own processes for visits based on this guidance.

It will take us some time to assimilate all the information and carry out the required risk assessments that will then guide our visiting policies.  

However, before any visits can take place there is a very important caveat within the guidance as follows:

‘’Prior to visits being allowed in care homes, the director of public health in every area should disseminate their view on the suitability of visiting in the local authority area, taking into account infection rates and the wider risk environment.’’ 

Please be assured that we are already working on our plans and we really understand how important it is for families to visit their loved ones. We will aim to facilitate this as soon as possible.  

Keep safe and well and do not hesitate to contact Kate Birch on 01623 747474 if you have any queries.

The Richmond Care Home team